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Sparkol VideoScribe 3.3

Interactive whiteboard tool for creating hand-drawn, animated explainer videos
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Sparkol VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation tool. It supports creating videos in which a storyline is developed as the objects appear as they are gradually drawn by a hand. A product of this type has multiple applications, but it is mainly used for educational and marketing purposes.

Luckily, the program is easy to use and you do not need to have special graphic design skills to produce a decent video. In order to create an animation, you can import various types of objects, like images, charts, sounds, voice narrations and text, and place them on a canvas, which can have various textures. Good news is that the program comes with a great collection of images. In addition, you can also design your own images and import them. Luckily, the tool is now compatible with various formats, such as SVG, GIF, PNG, and JPG. The properties of every image can be adjusted to your needs. Thus, you can set the time an image takes to be drawn and the length of the pause between two animated images.

The resulting video generally looks excellent and it is created amazingly fast. Besides, your projects can be saved locally or shared on the Cloud. In my opinion, Sparkol VideoScribe definitely deserves your attention. It is good to know that the product is available under Education and Business licenses. Moreover, it can be tried at no cost for a few days.

Pedro Castro
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  • Creates video fast
  • Royalty-free library of images and music
  • Supports importing your own images
  • Requires no graphic design skills


  • Does not come with many background textures
  • It is not possible to try it unless you are connected to the Internet
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